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Goodnight Mr Williams

Nanu Nanu - tribute to Robin Williams by Mark wallis on The Vibes

Who knows the full story behind the death of Robin Williams? While the world speculates about suicide and depression, the only good to come out of such a terrible loss is the increased awareness of The Invisible Illness.

The chemical imbalance in the brain that leads people to give up on everything they should hold dear. You can’t point to it, you don’t come out in a rash or turn purple, which makes it so hard to treat. Depression tells you that nothing is worth it, and you believe it because that voice comes from within. It’s this fundamental misfire which holds so many people back from asking for help. Asking for help involves admitting you have a problem, and so the door of stigma opens: other people’s attitudes to mental health are the biggest barrier to care and healing.

Everyone needs some kind of support, depressed or not. But the most difficult thing to accept is that someone has decided they want to stop living – that the pain of living with The Invisible Illness has become unbearable. To find that someone might be unreachable and that the best thing for them is to let them go is almost impossible to comprehend.

To say that suicide is ‘selfish’ is to deny the presence of a corrosive condition that often erodes the self. 

‘Tears of a clown’ is a strange cliche, but until the truth emerges, I want to remember the joy that Robin Williams brought me as a child watching Mork and Mindy after school. A legacy of happiness.

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Midnight at The Opera House

Cats at The Opera House ManchesterMuch as I’d like to show you some pictures of Cats the musical, there were no cameras allowed and particularly vigilant staff hovering over me for the entire show. The evening was spectacular, a riot of colour and the second half conquered it’s first-night nerves for a storming performance. The British show, currently touring in the UK is also the longest running touring show in the States and is based on T.S Eliot’s Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats.

T.S Eliot’s Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats

Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats

Ben Palmer as Munkustrap Cats Musical UK Tour Photo Alessandro Pinna

Ben Palmer as Munkustrap

Cats the Musical poster

Cats the Musical poster

The Opera House Manchester

Spooky Old Theatre

The Opera House Manchester

The Opera House Manchester

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Christmas Carousel

This should get you in the mood for Christmas, if you happen to be pretending it can’t be happening. Again. In amongst all the Victorian schmaltz, here’s a bolt of logic: Christmas should be like the Olympics, where countries have to bid to hold the festival every few years. Big enough humbug for you, eh? Ok, bring on the tinsel!

Victorian carousel Signage
If you go to Manchester’s Trafford Centre, you’ll find a big Victorian Carousel with sparkly lights and horses that go up and down. Very festive.

Victorian Carousel Horse
It’s so retro and nostalgic that it had to go on my blog.

Victorian Carousel

Victorian Carousel Lights

Victorian Carousel Signage
We climbed on for £2 a head and behaved like overgrown kids! Overgrown kids with HD cameras. That’s the thing about being flung around on a wooden horse with no saddle or safety harness: you’ve got to hang on for dear life and make sure you don’t drop your Panasonic. Very difficult to take pictures and my movie footage was all over the place.

Man on carousel
Panos always seems to be riding something on this blog. Last time he was on a donkey.

Victorian carousel Horse
The lights and the detail were amazing, and the whole experience was a bit wilder than we expected. Those Victorians knew how to rock.

Shopping Mall Dome
The gloriously tacky Trafford Centre will feature in documentaries in the future about how it changed from Vegas-style eyesore into a temple of kitsch. I bet it even gets a Grade 1 listing. They don’t even have anything like this in Dubai, which goes some way to explaining why the Arabs bought it.

See the movie The Haunted Carousel here!

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