The Look: Give Your Site a Retro Vibe

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I love that our blogs and websites are truly our online homes. My blog is different from yours — with a specific custom background and collection of fonts, hand-picked colors, and other design tweaks. I’m able to make the space my own in the same way I’ve painted my loft’s walls yellow and decorated my shelves with my favorite things.

Some of the coolest blogs I stumble upon have an overall cohesive design; these bloggers use a mix of tools — from their theme and widgets to other unique touches — to make their sites their own.

Are you nostalgic for bygone eras? Do you love fashion, styles, and designs from the past? Today, let’s take a peek at ways to give your site a retro vibe.

Go retro with themes

At, we make it easy for you — you can browse retro themes already tagged in our showcase…

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