Yuletide Thrills

Christmas Victorian Carousel Horse at The Trafford Centre Manchester by Mark Wallis

Carousel Horse

Christmas Tree in Chorlton cum Hardy Manchester by Mark WallisTwelve months ago, Christmas was largely cancelled as we packed up and left the city for the leafy lanes of Chorlton. This time around, Panos created the ultimate tree to banish any winter blues. Retro illuminated signage by Mark Wallis

Mark Wallis at the Christmas Markets in Manchester

Mark at the Xmas Markets

This year Christmas is Big. Sparks were seen as early as September and then just a few weeks ago the whole thing exploded. There are any number of Winter Wonderlands to walk through as Manchester becomes Lapland or the Swiss Alps. The only thing missing is the snow. Here I am, rosy-cheeked from mulled wine in front of an impressive… helicopter…carousel-type thing.

As much as I love the Yuletide, I’m thinking of lobbying the UN to make Christmas like the Olympics. It can be held in one country every five years, and every nation has to bid. What do you think of that?

Season’s greeting to all!

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4 thoughts on “Yuletide Thrills

  1. It really astounds me how Christmas decorating–never mind advertising!–takes over from early autumn onward nowadays. Perfect way to water down any holiday, no? I think you might be on to something with your Olympic torch-passing proposal. Our little dash of unexpected snow-and-ice (in Texas? Really???) has done more than all of the twinkly lights and faux Santas put together to make me feel Christmasy this year. Makes me feel a little bit of a Scrooge when the forced gaiety and ersatz jolliness get too outlandish too soon. Fortunately, it’s also a great relief to have something simple like the snow or the hilariously sweet 4-year-olds singing their carols in the festival of carols Richard conducted in last Saturday make me relent and embrace the spirit of the time. Back now in *that* spirit, I wish you a very cosy, shiny, happy holiday, Mark! Terrific portrait of you, by the way!

    • Yes Kathryn, the best picture was taken by someone else! Things are particularly twinkly and hypnotic this year and like you, I can’t help but get drawn in. It must be Reverse-Humbug Syndrome, or echoes of Saturnalia. Happy holidays!

      • Now, now, I never said it was the bests picture here, did I! Just think you look particularly handsome and dashing in the shot. 😀

  2. Ah, thanks! To hell with false modesty 😉

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