50 Shades of Lentil

Chorlton diary

Finally got round to exploring my new neighbourhood. Wore my ‘fur’ to the Unicorn vegetarian whole food store… got some looks. Oops. They have 50 different types of lentil… Found a trippy little 70s boutique and thought I was in San Francisco for a minute. Sundried bananas and beetroot juice for lunch! Totally hippy. Chorltonville looks more like the Cheshire stockbroker belt than Manchester…

Chorlton Diary 2


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4 thoughts on “50 Shades of Lentil

  1. Kind of lost in time?

    • I think Chorlton is where the hippies settled in the seventies and eighties. There were some wild parties here in my youth, and some wonderful characters. The place is still smokin’, as they say…

  2. Love the photos, and your blog design is awesome!

    • I like awesome, thanks Eliza! Moving out of the city has given me a load of new photo opportunities 😀

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