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Earth Hour

Living by candlelight

Turn off your lights at 20.30 wherever you are in the world, and spare a thought for the environment.

Since 2007, a wave of darkness has swept round the world on the March 31st as people focus on the impact of our power-guzzling on Mother Earth. Incredibly, some snippy refuseniks are claiming that lighting candles will have a greater detriment to the atmosphere than the electricity saved! Even if that were true, Earth Hour is a growing movement which focuses on a vital issue, promoting awareness in a world with a mean appetite for consumption.

It looks like the Pagans had the right idea. They worshipped the Sun and the Earth, and after all – what else is there to worship? When the temperature really starts to rise, no amount of mouldy old pages are going to save anyone. Think about it. Turn everything off. Twitter can wait. Light a candle for Mother Earth.

Earth Hour Candle Images The Vibes

Update: my images from Earth Hour. You can tell I’m a total hippy, can’t you?

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