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It’s All About the Satyr

Mark wallis Halloween 2013 Devil Costume

It looks like the whole tradition of Halloween goes back thousands of years, which makes me feel so much better when I’m walking around looking diabolical.

Mummery, or the art of disguise was supposed to confuse the spirits of evil by imitating them and confusing their dark hearts, rendering them useless.

Gotta love those Pagans, whose Gaelic heritage was plundered by the invention of christianity, and our loveable horny, primitive Satyr (the hairy drunken guy who will do anyone for a laugh) gets cast as Satan, Lord of Darkness. Sounds like a bum deal to me. Some of my best nights have been with Satyrs.

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24 seconds of Insanity

On Halloween I became possessed by Mr. Jolly, a rather animated character of insane grin and wobbly top hat. Everywhere Mr. Jolly went, he was greeted by laughter and smiles and people took his photograph so many times that he can’t remember how famous he is. Mr. Jolly and his friend The Eye Monster entertained and frightened the revellers in Manchester City, dancing and drinking vodka. The over-medicated screamed and ran away, but in general, a good night was had by all!

Mr Jolly and the Eye MonsterMr Jolly Halloween Costume Mark WallisThe Eye Monster Halloween Costume   Mr. Jolly and The Eye Monster Halloween costume

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Trick or Treat

Roll up! Roll up! Bearded ladies and strongmen in San Francisco! Watch the spooky movie trailer and see the horrors which lurk beneath Manchester. Read all about the most disturbing ghost story ever written! It’s all real! Click on any panel to be transported…


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Hunky Devil

Halloween muscle in the Castro, San Francisco 2007Warning! Clicking on this picture will take you to San Francisco in the year 2007 where you will be thrown into the midst of an insane street party. Click with caution.

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Freak Show

Halloween Clown ManchesterHalloween has become such a big thing in Britain now that people celebrate it early.

Muscular Halloween Zombie ManchesterIt’s good to see that the undead can still manage to go to the gym regularly.

Daphne and Thelma Scooby Doo Halloween costumes ManchesterThese two won the top costume prize for their sluttish rendition of Daphne and Thelma from Scooby Doo. They made my weekend!

Halloween mask ManchesterLucifer living it up.

Angel Halloween costume ManchesterFrosty angel.

Clown make up Halloween ManchesterThis clown is down! But don’t worry – every day is Halloween in Manchester!

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