Kate Bush Before the Dawn Art Print

Kate Bush Before the Dawn Art Print by Mark WallisImagine if the cover of Kate Bush’s new DVD looked like this! It’s only unofficial fan art, but I’ve tried to capture the excitement of going to see the live show back in September. This is a celebration of the hugely emotional performance which made the dreams and nightmares of The Ninth Wave and A Sky of Honey into an epic reality. For three hours in Hammersmith, we perched on the edge of our seats like electrified meerkats, afraid to miss one second of Kate being shipwrecked, tried as a witch, drowned and then fired through an impossible sunset into space. Until the official live DVD, we can at least fantasise about that the cover might look like, which is available as a limited edition fine art print, http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Kate-Bush-Print-/221574377836?hash=item3396dcb16c&clk_rvr_id=712381339995

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8 thoughts on “Kate Bush Before the Dawn Art Print

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  2. Robert Schnieders

    Anyone that “savaged” this piece is a complete idiot! It’s a gorgeous piece of art that looks like it could have been done by the movie poster master himself, Drew Struzan. Beautiful!!!!

  3. Stunning artwork Mark and a beautiful gift for someone who went to her concert.

  4. BlueLightAlarm

    Awesome picture! (in the proper sense of the word!) This brings back loads of memories of the fantastic show! Thank you for sharing – I’m gutted I missed the eBay listing :o(

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