Share a Coke with Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin choking on a can of Coke

This week Coca-Cola admitted their sponsorship of the Sochi Winter Olympics was turning into a PR nightmare. The invitation to ‘Share a Coke with (insert your name here)’ on social networks backfired as anti-homophobic protests blossomed across the net with people hacking the name generator to vent their anger. Embarrassed, Coke flushed its campaign under the shame of a global spotlight. Also this week, it emerges that Coke and several other huge corporations knew there would be a backlash if they didn’t use their financial might to lean on Russia to repeal its oppressive new ‘legislation’ which is widely seen as an excuse to recriminalise free sexual expression. But nobody did a thing despite Stolichnaya vodka getting stung by a boycott in the summer.

The clock is ticking and it’s sure to be a countdown to scandal

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4 thoughts on “Share a Coke with Vladimir Putin

  1. Is anything going to happen?

    I don’t anticipate a Huckabee style Coke Appreciation Day, Coke is too liberal in profile; but will Coke sales decrease? I would never drink the stuff, I get caffeine from other sources and aspartame is gross, but will anyone convert- least of all Colonel Vlad- because of people’s facebook pages?

    • Stoli sales were hit in the summer, and the Coke thing is even bigger now because of the timing of their campaign. Whoever thought people would be more interested in Coke than the witty protests shouldn’t be working in advertising. Huge own goal.

      I would never underestimate People Power, which is essentially Facebook at it’s best. And WordPress too. But here’s the hope. The Olympics will be live and with a vast audience. And a lot of angry people will be competing and in the crowds at Sochi. I’m holding out for peaceful protests, although that’s unlikely in Thug-Russia.

      So whatever happens should be the best publicity for human rights abuses and the LGBT community. Ever.

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