Summer Ghost

As the pumpkins grin with Harvest mischief, and the smell of gunpowder hangs in the crisp air, I have the memories of a great summer to keep me warm.
Ruby-and-Chives Bamboo-and-Thistle

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8 thoughts on “Summer Ghost

  1. Renard Moreau

    [ Smiles ] I think that your images are fabulous-looking!

  2. I *love* these! That first image makes me think it’d be a wonderful actual finish to paint on a shed and chair or some such. Just looking at it is indeed like having a restorative summer’s day. Great stuff, Mark!

    • Thanks Kathryn, now you come to mention it – I want to paint a shed! It’s quite a dreamy, psychedelic effect.

  3. You are an inspiration. I get a new idea every time I visit.

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  5. Love your pics!

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