Lying in the Grass

Daisies in Chorlton Park

Chorlton Park

When the sun shines, I worship. British weather is reliably unpredictable so the chance to roll around in the grass while I turn a strange shade of beetroot is something to  be cherished. I watch dogs playing, butterflies skip round my head and my mind plays Perfect Day by Lou Reed. “Drink sangria in the park…” Mine’s a banana and strawberry smoothie, thanks. On the news, many thousands of people are rioting over the right to keep their green spaces…and their rights in general. Every second of peace, here, is a luxury to me.

Laburnum Chorlton


Daisy, Chorlton Park

It’s a daisy.

Carved wooden owl Chorlton Park

A solar owl

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7 thoughts on “Lying in the Grass

  1. Spectacular display of laburnum. I feel the same way you do about the sun.

    • The old Victorian villas round here have a lot of their original flowering trees outside, so this time of year is very colourful. Just a shame that the workman on the other side of the tree thought I was taking a picture of his ass…

  2. The wooden owl is pretty!!

  3. Thanks Irene, there is another one nearby which is much bigger…

  4. I’m glad you encourage grass rolling, and those are perfect views to have while rolling around in the grass. I’ve never even seen anything like the laburnum so you’ve opened my eyes to even more beauty. Hope you get many more days like that this summer!

    • Hope your summer is being good to you too. There wasn’t much green in the city, so this is perfect for me. Laburnums are common in Britain and Australia too, I think. They’re so decorative but only for a short time, and then they grow poisonous black seeds. Beauty and the beast 🙂

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