The Church of the Poison Mind

Gay Marriage Equality SymbolRemember when interracial marriage was illegal? Hopefully, one day soon, this fight for the most basic of civil rights will be consigned to the same shameful page of history.

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7 thoughts on “The Church of the Poison Mind

  1. This topic totally twists my melon, man! How can religious leaders decide on law changes in an increasingly secular society? And if marriage is supposed to be about couples having children, does that imply that post-menopausal and infertile people should be banned from wedlock?
    We are still living in the dark ages of civil rights till this elephant gets sent out of the room.

    • Well said! The frothing loons fall back on this argument about children needing a mother and a father. A huge insult to single parents…

  2. As far as the Catholic church is concerned, it’s not much better for heterosexual couples, who are told to procreate until they have more children than they can possibly afford to house, clothe and feed. At the end of the day, there is little or no retirement income for the women who have spent their lives looking after these children with no time or energy for a career that might have earned them a pension.

    • That’s true. I think that apart from the subjugation of women, the Catholic church has also contributed to poverty and suffering through it’s teachings on contraception.

  3. If there was ever proof that the government has been infiltrated by a cult, it is this argument. In other personal decisions like a woman’s choice and euthanasia they can find non-religious arguments of some merit–in this one, they only have their interpretations of Christian teachings, and they are not holding up. Let’s hope they go down in the flames of Hell.

    • I guess most organised religion is designed to adapt to the whims of anyone who wants to control people. They just move the goal posts to cover their self-contradiction.

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