Blue Skies and Crocuses

Spring was definitely blooming in Britain last week until Siberia sent it’s biting wind and snow, winter’s last hissy fit. “It’s a punishment for all the people who wore shorts and sandals last week,” said Panos. Even just a quick splash of blue skies and crocuses is enough to get my jolly on. Love the colour and the sunshine!

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13 thoughts on “Blue Skies and Crocuses

  1. purpleowltree1234

    I love the colours and textures here. Are the kitchen bowls made of glass? They are *gorgeous*! 🙂
    love from Rach.

    • Hi Rach! It’s funny, I thought of you when I was putting this together- I know how you love colour. The bowls are plain old mixing bowls, ceramic I guess. They would look so good in my kitchen…:-D

  2. Oh man, these colors! Perked me right up!

    • Nothing like a bit of sunshine on a spring day! Well it’s nearly spring. These are humble, flat grey iPhone pictures, processed to look more like how I see things in reality.

  3. Bright colors, spring is here. Thanks for the reminder that the gray days have gone away!

  4. Definitely a spring collage!

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