Love: the small print

Love Harvey Nichols by Mark Wallis at The vibesLove: can be nurtured and grown naturally, or effectively extinguished by Hollywood Miracles. Chocolate is not a substitute for a healthy relationship, but can be included as part of a balancing act. Love may rise and fall according to hormone levels and financial security. Objects may appear larger in retrospect than they actually are. Your sanity may be at risk if you fail to make sensible decisions about reciprocal emotional attachments.

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10 thoughts on “Love: the small print

  1. بيسان, عن أنثى مختلفة

    to the point!
    When I am in a complicated relationship I eat chocolate abnormally 🙂

  2. Sue Brown

    Ha ha – love it! The value of investments can go up or down …

  3. Quite clever with a goodly amount of valuable insight.

    • If you don’t laugh about it you end up running down the street naked and screaming with your underwear on your head. Apparently.

  4. Love the colors, and the sentiments. And my cats.

  5. Hahah – I love it! Hope you had a fun Valentine’s Day with lots of chocolate!

    • I did a lot of planning the day before so it turned out great! And chocolate is breakfast dinner and tea for me… hope you had a good one too 😉

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