Be The Light

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m very proud to announce the World Premiere of my latest video. The Manchester Lesbian and Gay Chorus sang ‘Dream a Little Dream of Me’ for the World AIDS Day Partnership’s Be The Light candlelight procession. It was a magical evening, as you can see, and we froze our bits off! But we stopped traffic. This is a little film I made for everyone who volunteered. Let’s make next year even bigger and better!

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8 thoughts on “Be The Light

  1. Well done you for recording such a wonderful event!

    • Thank you. I love the way the procession is so visible, challenging stigma and lighting up the shadows.

  2. Wonderful! I’m in tears.

    • Oh sorry! 😦 I wanted it to be uplifting, to reflect that the evening was about celebrating lives as much as thinking of loss. I guess it’s quite a moving rendition of Dream a Little Dream of Me…

  3. Very beautiful and haunting. Was that bits or butts or both? 🙂

    • Bits is kind of…a man thing. Very British, but it means the same as butts! You can actually see the picture shaking because it was so cold.

      • Good to know – I hadn’t heard that one yet! It’s been getting cold here too. I just might have to hibernate soon.

      • Well I’m a bear apparently, so I should just sleep the winter out!

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