Quentin Crisp

Quentin Crisp by Mark Kennedy

Quentin Crisp Mosaic by Mark Kennedy

Remembering the great man, who died in Chorlton, Manchester, thirteen years ago to the day. Crisp was fearless and independent, and lived life exactly as he wished, with wit as his only weapon against a stark and intolerant world. Feted by Warhol and played by John Hurt (and serenaded by Sting but we’ll gloss over that – Gina X’s No GDM trumps An Englishman in New York any day) Denis Charles Pratt, as he was christened, remains an inspiration to us all with his defiant, self-serving individualism. A man who refused to acknowledge gender or convention, he was the ultimate free spirit.

Stewy's Quentin Crisp wall art in Manchester's gay village

Quentin Crisp on Canal Street by Stewy

Mr. Crisp has been immortalised by Manchester artists Mark Kennedy and Stewy. The Naked Civil Servant has finally arrived in Manchester’s Gay Village – let’s hope he decides to stay.

Version of Stewy's Quentin Crisp

Version of Stewy’s Quentin Crisp

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