Editing Reality

Wooden Carving Manchester

I love the way I can use various apps on my iPhone to edit and enhance my pictures. The dull and the flat can be transformed into little masterpieces, sharpened and toned to resemble more professional equipment, or taken to more abstract extremes. The big thrill is finding something dazzling hidden inside a picture destined for the trash.

Different filters added in the editing process

Zoom here to see how a dud picture (Picture 1) is changed into something worth keeping. For those of you who are interested, I used Photoshop Express (Picture 2) to add HD enhancement which fortifies details and added the Orton filter to emphasise colour. Then it’s over to Tadaa which is a more versatile version of Instagram for those who want more control over the results, where I added the Otherworld filter for a more abstract look (picture 3) and finally the tilt and shift effects combined with a vertical vignette to lighten the sides and throw the central column into sharp relief. Sounds complicated, but it’s all intuitive and much more fun than Angry Birds.

Tadaa and Photoshop Express are free picture editing apps.

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7 thoughts on “Editing Reality

  1. Oh, you are not alone with that I can tell you. I use a Samsung Galaxy S and mainly work with the Magic Hour and the Camera 360 App to capture daily life moments for Facebook and The Guardian’s 52 weeks project on Flickr.

    I totally agree that you can create the most interesting pictures of totally boring objects simply by applying some cool filters. You can do truly amazing things with clouds. I love to play with this, especially as I don’t want to or just can’t carry the big camera around all the time. Keep on playing 🙂

    • I know what you mean about clouds. Some of my Amsterdam pictures where a bit dull until I altered the HD settings in iPhoto and suddenly I had a sky like a renaissance painting. And none of the filters seem to to the same thing twice, which adds to the fun.

  2. Much more fun than Angry Birds! I have to play around with HD one of these days.

    • It’s great fun, apart from anything else. Plus it’s very quick and you don’t get your hands dirty!

  3. Glad you mentioned what you did as I was going to ask.

    It’s amazing isn’t it that you can do this, and even reply to this comment if you wanted with something that fits in your pocket.

    • If you went back to 1979 with your smartphone, they would think you were Doctor Who or Mr. Spock. It’s amazing what we’re able to do now. I edited a picture in the bath the other night! I’ve only posted from my phone once, but I can reply to comments when I’m shopping. It’s heaven for geeks like me!

  4. Really beautiful detail. I like the idea of editing reality too – whether that reality was already a good or bad one. I still think about your rainbow leaf. Normally, I wouldn’t think anyone could improve upon the beauty in nature but you did!

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