Blade Runner Rain

torrential rain turner street manchester

It’s real.

If an iPhone can capture something like rain, then you know it’s really heavy. In the movie Blade Runner, it rains all the time because heavy industry has fucked the ozone layer and the Earth is well and truly in Greenhouse mode. For the past two months, Britain has been drenched and now the States are being ravaged by storms and extreme temperatures. The only person who seems to be speaking out against the Tesco’s and MacDonald’s of this world is Prince Charles. When it comes to voting, is there any other choice but voting for a Green party? Or are we too late?

It’s winter in July.

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13 thoughts on “Blade Runner Rain

  1. “For the rain it raineth every day.” – Feste, in Twelfth Night – Shakespeare, you know.

  2. purpleowltree1234

    That photo is amazing. I totally love it! 🙂
    I always vote Greens. They do less dodgy shit so they never do as well as the main parties, which means they deserve my vote even more!

    • It’s good to find something positive in our miserable weather! I’m glad you liked the picture but we might need to build an ark…or a raft made of lamp posts 🙂

      • purpleowltree1234

        Hahahaha! That red building is just so warm in the freezing-looking rain. Beautiful. 🙂 Be sure to take photos of your ark or raft of lamp posts. 🙂 I can make a pretty good banana log raft. Banana trees float beautifully. So maybe you could visit the Botanical Gardens near you before it’s too flooded to get there, and steal their banana trees. 🙂
        Love from Rach.

  3. Blade Runner Rain eh? With that title and fab photo you’ve made the crap summer weather sound atmospheric and romantic. I take my sou’wester off to you

  4. You own a sou’wester? I used to have one when I was a kid. It was bright yellow…I need it now!

  5. Amazing photo. And we can vote for whom we wish, but the people with the money make the rules, and they say global warming is all a myth. It’s 100 degrees in western Pennsylvania today, and has been above 90 for two weeks. This might happen for one day at a time, but not for 14.

  6. Nice photo! Good point. We are getting a good amount of rain here in central Colorado today. Should help with some of the fires.

    • I hope you’re all safe over there, I’ve been watching the news reports on the BBC and the fires and storms in the States are alarming. It’s not like you can put it down to the hurricane season: wrong weather and wrong pace.

  7. So true – we probably need to do more than vote (especially since the voting choices are usually so bad). We need to keep bothering the politicians either through actual phone calls or emails or petitions until some real and drastic legislation is passed (as you know, I’m a dreamer too).

  8. So funny you mention Blade Runner. My Dad knew the real Rick Deckard. My dad’s a terminator and actually dated a replicant for a while. Cool photo!

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