Karma 2.0

Gargoyle Albert Square ManchesterGargoyle albert Square manchestergargoyle albert square manchestergargoyle albert square manchester

Karma. The image of Buddha, sleepy eyes and a secret smile, universal force of balance. Benevolent and omnipotent. Or is Karma actually an angry gargoyle, spitting poison? Looking at these guys in Manchester’s Albert Square, a monument to Queen Victoria’s beloved, I wonder. They look so efficient, like Karma’s been upgraded.

Because I’ve noticed it works so much quicker these days…

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8 thoughts on “Karma 2.0

  1. They do look a bit on the scary side. I hope your Karma has been more benevolent lately! I love the colors in these photos and so it seems beauty can be found everywhere – even when gargoyle karma comes lurking around.

  2. Thanks, Sheila. The gargoyles are a striking blueish verdigris in real life, so I fed it all through a filter which adds the warmth of a sunset with cold dusky shadows. After messing with saturation and contrast, it reminds me of a 70s horror movie.

  3. Frivolous Monsters

    I love them. They used to be in Heaton park before they moved there, I think.

    • Gargoyles that move? Sounds like something Steven Moffat would come up with. I love the way they look almost cartoon evil…

  4. Perhaps karma is using social networking as well. Gargoyles spitting water always made me want to go somewhere else, no matter how nice the park.

    • The Victorians were the masters of Gothic gloom, and I think these characters are pretty spooky…

  5. PS. cool effect, I was trying to figure it out. And where did you get the photo edges?

    • Hi Bernadette, it’s one of the photo frames from Tadaa! which is a superior version of Instagram. The effect, after a manual contrast and colour boost is a filter called Santa Cruz, but I might have added a few hints of other filters.

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