4 thoughts on “Edward-Hopper-Room-in-Brooklyn-1932

  1. Is this a picture of contentment…. or loneliness?

    • That’s the thing with Hopper, isn’t it? We’re encouraged to observe but we’re not invited in, so we remain detached. The colours here say contentment but there is an atmosphere that’s as flat as the city skyline.

  2. Susan Jorgensen

    Ah, no, I wouldn’t agree. Quiet contemplation and lots of space. Her head is slightly bent – is she reading? Doing needlework? Nursing a small baby? Hard to know, but I love that Hopper has left so much to the imagination – the space he paints on the outside invites us to explore our own interior space.

  3. sjpresence51

    Ah, no, I love the space that Hopper creates in the room and in the skyline. For me, it invites me into a space of quiet contemplation. The woman’s head is bent – is she reading? Doing needlework? Nursing a small baby? Dozing? We don’t know, but I love the mystery of it all, and it seems to me that Hopper’s minimalist approach allows us to weave a story that will be unique for all of us.

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