Sedate me and release me back into the wild

Mark and PanosIt was a costume party. There was some very poisonous vodka. And professional photographers. The rest is just a blur, really. Wear a wig, said the invitation. As an alternative to drag, I actually believed I had the ingenuity and social poise of John Lennon. Unfortunately people thought I was Ozzie Osbourne. Which would mean Panos is Sharon, only not as hairy.

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8 thoughts on “Sedate me and release me back into the wild

    • It’s been so long since I dressed up, and then hot on the heels of this came Mr Jolly. Do not type Mr Jolly into my search widget….

  1. What is it with wigs and loss of inhibitions!

  2. Great title.

    • Thanks, I was watching a wildlife program while I was Vibing and it really spoke to me. It kind of describes the last six months of my life

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